Today on the Morning Media Menu, author and Publishers Marketplace news editor Sarah Weinman explained how she created her new collection, Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives: Stories from the Trailblazers of Domestic Suspense.

LIE Book Trailer - for the debut novel about Teens. Race. Hate. Love. by Caroline Bock (by TheCBOCK)   In light of Trayvon Martin I’m reposting this book trailer for my novel LIE (St. Martin’s Press, 2011). Take a look…

The wise words of, of course, John Green.


(Tumblr won’t embed the video so here’s the link to it.)

I love reading or hearing commencement speeches. It lifts you up from a bad mood and insisting frustrations and lack of faith in life or in yourself. Even I am heading nowhere in college. Although really, I’m doing good enough. But that’s the point exactly, I’m doing just good enough. And with the pressure the society, family expectations and personal goals put, it’s hard not to be hard on myself sometimes. 

But hell, I’ve been felling better even after discovering there’s not much food in the fridge for me to munch on as soon as I’ve finished reading this. It helps to feel understood or heard by someone even if you first have to do the understanding on his part before yours. In the case of learning from others, that is.

It’s food for the soul, knowing and learning from familiar yet new words from people of different fields and places. It keeps you grounded yet floating. A little enlightenment from time to time is not bad, I guess.

All exaggeration aside, I think what feeds the soul overrides the hunger of the body. Wow… Did. I. Just. Say. That. Yep, food for the soul working… digesting.

And anyway, I may be practically biased towards whatever good words by John Green there are. But who won’t be? The guy is golden. Anything his smart mouth blurts is always a good one. Always.